Subject Linux World, fame, glory, and all that
Author Ann W. Harrison
An organization called "wild open source" is
sponsoring an Enterprise Solution Center
at Linux World, December 3 & 4. Generally,
they charge quite heavily for the privilege of
participating, but they might make an exception
for a purely open source application. If
someone has something slick using JBoss,
JayBird, & Firebird, this could be an opportunity
to get some attention...



Here's the letter I got.

From: Jim Lieb <lieb@...>
Organization: Wild Open Source Inc.
To: "Ann W. Harrison" <aharrison@...>, ESC@...
Subject: Re: ESC Inquiry
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 13:14:25 -0800
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Thank you for your interest in the ESC. We would like to consider
what your project has to offer to the event. To move things along,
we would like to know what you would present. To that end, we
would like the following as a first step:

1. Review the documents on the website with special attention to the
underlying theme and message and how your proposal would fit.

2. Fill out and send in an application. This can be either done online
or you can download, print, and fax the form to us. Note that this
form and the price list apply to commercial vendors. You can get
the form at:

Since we have commercial databases in the exhibit, your project
could best contribute as follows:

* Your proposal should include not only the database but applications
as well. Given the venue, we are emphasizing financial services
but other business applications can be appropriate. The
presentation should be oriented toward showing a solution rather
than just a database product technology.

* We are showing integration between both proprietary and open
source desktops/productivity tools and databases. If you can
demonstrate integration with both desktop applications and high
end commercial databases, this would be a big plus.

* The message is that the company is in transition, moving from
proprietary solutions to incorporating open source solutions. A
key message is that not only is there a bridge between the two
but the exhibit can show the where and how to get across the
bridge. Your proposal should address these issues.

Subsequent to receiving your information, we would like to set up
a phone conversation to discuss the opportunity. We understand
the marketing budget limitations of open source projects but you
should be prepared to discuss what other resources you could
commit to the project.


Jim Lieb, Proj Leader, ESC staging.

On Thursday 07 November 2002 10:10, Ann W. Harrison wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm an admin on the Firebird project - another open
> source database, this one based on Borland's InterBase.
> Firebird is a cross-platform (Linux, Window, MacOS, HP/UX,
> AIX, SCO, BSD) database with multi-version concurrency
> control, stored procedures, triggers, events, etc.
> InterBase has been storing mission critical data for
> fortune 1000 companies since 1985. Firebird adds the
> strengths of open source and a license that allows
> free distribution for commercial applications. What
> we don't have is money for marketing, shows, etc.
> Is there any way we can participate in the Enterprise
> Solution Center?
> Regards,
> Ann
> We have answers.

Jim Lieb Wild Open Source Inc.
lieb@... Cell: 510.502.2521
Office: 831.421.0883 Fax: 831.421.0885