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Author bradenw2
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> What's the relationship between Java, Java Beans, and
> Enterprise Java Beans? Does JavaScript have anything to
> do with this - other than having the letters 'J', 'a',
> 'v', & 'a' in the name?

Just to add my two cents (CDN, = 1.28 cents USD), since I get this
question *a lot*:

Java is, of course, the language that Java Beans and Enterprise Java
Beans are written in. The Java Beans specification defines a certain
coding practice that will produce Java classes that can be used in
IDEs. There are, of course, myriad uses for Java Beans outside of
IDEs (the event-model comes to mind), but that was the original

In true Sun Microsystems Naming Policy fashion (e.g., Java 1.4 = Java
2), Enterprise Java Beans are completely unrelated to Java Beans,
other than the fact that they represent reusable components (just like
all other Java classes, really). The EJB standard defines a
"computing unit" which consists of a remote interface (what the client
gets to use), and home interface (what the J2EE server gets to use),
and the concrete implementation. There are many more details as you
can imagine.

JavaScript was developed by Netscape, who hijacked the "Java" part to
cash in on the then-brand-new splash that Java was making. Other than
some superficial syntactical similarities, it is utterly unrelated.