Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] gdb not flushing when accessed via Tomcat
Author Rick Fincher
Hi Bob,

I've got several web apps running under Tomcat with Firebird without
problems, so we should be able to get you going.

What kind of server is Firebird running on? Tomcat? Are they on the same
server system?

What version of Firebird, JayBird, and Tomcat are you running?

Do you have autocommit turned off?

Are you using FBDriver or FBWrappingDataSource?

Sorry for the 20 questions but it may help us figure out what is going on.


----- Original Message -----

> I've been searching the net all night to find a solution. I hope
> someone here has it!
> Here's the problem:
> I've built a java web application using Firebird as the backend and
> Tomcat as the servlet engine. When Tomcat is running, the database
> file (blah.gdb) does not get updated at all. I can commit
> transactions in Tomcat but the gdb only gets flushed(written to disk)
> when I shutdown Tomcat. I have set the gdb to "Forced
> Writes"(synchronous) via the gfix utility. No change at all.
> Is there a way I can programatically force the JDBC connection to
> flush the commited transactions to disk(ie. the blah.gdb file)?
> Or is there some configuration in Firebird that will fix this?
> I would really appreciate any response to this request.
> Thanks,
> Bob Doj