Subject gdb not flushing when accessed via Tomcat
Author bdoj
I've been searching the net all night to find a solution. I hope
someone here has it!

Here's the problem:

I've built a java web application using Firebird as the backend and
Tomcat as the servlet engine. When Tomcat is running, the database
file (blah.gdb) does not get updated at all. I can commit
transactions in Tomcat but the gdb only gets flushed(written to disk)
when I shutdown Tomcat. I have set the gdb to "Forced
Writes"(synchronous) via the gfix utility. No change at all.

Is there a way I can programatically force the JDBC connection to
flush the commited transactions to disk(ie. the blah.gdb file)?

Or is there some configuration in Firebird that will fix this?

I would really appreciate any response to this request.


Bob Doj