Subject JBuilder and the new firebirdsql driver
Hi All

I am trying test the new java only jdbc driver with Jbuilder, but I don't
get it to run.

I'm using W2000 and JBuilder 4 Professional (not enterprise)

What I did so far:

checkout driver from CVS
compiled the driver using build.bat
Added firebirdsql.jar to the JBuilder libraries
Added firebirdsql.config to the enterprise setup

The driver still does not show up as an available driver in the JBuilders
window where I can select from the drivers (on a database component).

If I try to get a connection "by hand" (see following code) I get an
exception "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
javax/resource/ResourceException" at the line "Class.forName

This is my code:

String url = "jdbc:firebirdsql://trans//dbs/test.gdb";
Properties dbInfo = new Properties();
dbInfo.setProperty("user", "sysdba");
dbInfo.setProperty("password", "masterkey");
Driver driver = java.sql.DriverManager.getDriver(url);
Connection connection = driver.connect
("jdbc:firebirdsql://trans//dbs/test.gdb", dbInfo);

What am I missing?