Subject Re: Making connections with level 4 jdbc driver
Author rbagnoli2002
--- In IB-Java@y..., fb fan <fb@s...> wrote:
> Are those two slashes after localhost correct?
> It looks weird. I would try it with a single slash.

The fact is that i couldn't find good documentation
on connection url syntax in the cvs distribution,
so i tried to use the one used by Interclient
jdbc driver, that is

jdbc:interbase://localhost:3050//... (the db absolute path).

Here, the two slashes are right because in unix systems
an absolute path always starts with a slash: the other
is part of a standard JDBC (only JDBC1?) URL syntax.

That was wrong! The firebird url to use is

jdbc:firebirdsql:localhost/3050:/... (the db absolute path)

(I've luckly found the hint "diving" into in a previous
message on connection pooling under JBoss...)

As far as i know, the syntax required appears not to
be compatible with the one normally used by other drivers,
where server addresses and port numbers are separated by
a colon.
This is a bit confusing, and i hope it will be changed
in the future.

Roberto Bagnoli