Subject Re: JDBC Development

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> Jim said yesterday that the ngds maybe not worth the effort--- I
don't know
> myself.

In some configurations where the application runs in the same
machine a ngds could be faster because it would avoid the network

> Will you have some functionality (any at all) or just interfaces
when you
> let your code out?

I think that it is urgent to release the interfaces of GDS to allow
three working directions (JDBC, JGDS and NGDS) to start as soon as
possible. So, in two or three days I will release the interfaces
only, without any functionality yet. The code will contain a proper
encapsulation of some GDS structures such as handles that have to
be managed in a different fashion in JGDS and NGDS.

But, I have most of the line protocol like XDR stuff finished. And
I will release this code in a second stage as soon as it matures a

> We still have to decide on the sourceforge directory names. I started
> thinking plain jdbc, now I like clients/java/ better.
> So it would be like this:
> [development]/firebird/clients/java/...
> In more detail here is the directory structure I am proposing
(slightly out
> of order)
> [development]/firebird/clients/java/build/ compiled classes go here
> [development]/firebird/clients/java/dist/ compiled jars, rar go here
> [development]/firebird/clients/java/lib/ jars for ant, junit, xml
> parsers etc needed to do the build
> [development]/firebird/clients/java/src/build ant build.xml goes here
> [development]/firebird/clients/java/src/lib jars for interfaces we
> implement go here (jdbc 3, connector.jar for JCA, jta for xa
> [development]/firebird/clients/java/src/org/firebirdsql/jdbc/ classes
> implementing jdbc and jca interfaces
> [development]/firebird/clients/java/src/org/firebirdsql/gds/
> for "gds"
> [development]/firebird/clients/java/src/org/firebirdsql/jgds/ classes
> implementing gds interfaces for remote server
> Any problems?

I agree. I like all this structure.

> Where should junit test classes go? I see 2 possibilities, one is
each src

Sorry, I can't help here. I never worked with junit.
The possibility you choose will be ok.


Alejandro Alberola