Subject Re: [IB-Java] Re: JDBC Development
Author Mark O'Donohue
Hi Ken and Kelly

Sorry about that - I was obviously wrong :-).

I think a type 2 is a good project, and in the server environment a very
useful one, and with Jims ODBC layer and bits of interclient/interserver
it becomes quite a realistic option to achieve.

Im glad there are some people interested in doing it, and hopefully with
some deft moves in the higher layers we can save some duplication of effort.

Although I don't have the time to directly help programming here (busy
with other bits of firebird), I certainly will listen in and may be able
to help out in some of the technical bits, particularly in the
troubleshooting or debugging since Im fairly familure with jni.

Glad to find out I was wrong.

Actually a form of a "type2" driver can be already achieved by linking
interserver with the classic libraries (which is how I've currently got
it configured). I use classic and when I built interserver, it all
worked ok.

I assume (and anyone feel free to correct me if Im wrong) that
interserver must be linked with super client libraries which always
connect using a socket. From the documentation it is supposed to go :

client <-> interserver(port 3060) <-> interbase(port 3050) <-> fred.gdb

But when I didn't have the classic server running, which I was doing
when running a test, I could still access the database. Then it dawned
on me that because I had linked with classic what I was actually getting

client <-> interserver(port 3060) <-> fred.gdb.

Since interserver now did a direct local access.

So maybe we already have a type2 solution :-). Is that something you
want to persue?



I suppose it has been from discusions and experiences that I have had
both work and

Kelly Harrison wrote:

> -- -----Original Message-----
> -- But to emphasise again, it's a type 4 driver everyone wants.
> I'd have to second that opinion.
> Kelly
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