Subject Re: JDBC Development

I agree with you. The FireClient is a too general name that
could cover all the family of Firebird clients and is not
suitable for this Java client.

But this module won't be only a jdbc driver, it will be a
complete suite of client APIs writen in Java. You will be
able to write a Java application using GDS avoiding the
use of JDBC in some contexts where you need functionality
not found in a standard JDBC driver.

So, what about "jclient", "java-client" ?
And, what about "clients/java", "clients/phyton", ... ?


Alejandro Alberola

--- In IB-Java@y..., Dave Warnock <david@s...> wrote:

> Given we might collect other clients for other languages eg
> either we are saying this module contains them all OR we need to have
> Java or jdbc in the module name. Also is this not a jdbc driver rather
> than a java client. I would be happy with just jdbc as the module name.
> Dave