Subject Re: [IB-Java] Re: JDBC Development
Author Dave Warnock

> I think that we would have to discuss about the naming convention.
> I am using a different one ( and
> IMHO, We mustn't use because we don't
> own that domain.

My understanding is that firebird is not our domain (bought by
enthusiasts for the firebird car).

I also undertand that firebirdsql is currently being bought for the
community, but we should confirm that.

> And, what about the project name (we need a module name for
> commiting to CVS). Do you like FireClient ? Any ideas ?

Given we might collect other clients for other languages eg Pythonthen
either we are saying this module contains them all OR we need to have
Java or jdbc in the module name. Also is this not a jdbc driver rather
than a java client. I would be happy with just jdbc as the module name.