Subject Re: [IB-Java] New JDBC licensing
Author Jim Starkey
At 06:40 PM 4/24/01 -0000, alberola@... wrote:
> I like GPL/LGPL and I use them in all the free
> code I write. But due to some incompatibilities
> that could arise with Firebird/Interbase licensing
> (very unlikely due to I have started from scratch)
> I accept to release all my code (now only vaporware)
> under IPL.

The IPL is specific for code contributed by Borland. In
specific, "the license is published by Borland Software Corporation.
Only Borland Software Corporation can modify the terms applicable to
Covered Code."

Ann is drafting a Firebird Public License that is without
reference to the Company Formerly Known as Interbase Software
Corporation d/b/a Borland, d/b/a Borland International, d/b/a
Inprise Corporation, d/b/a Dale's Flunkies, Lackies, and

Jim Starkey