Subject Re: [IB-Java] New JDBC licensing
Author Mark O'Donohue
alberola@... wrote:

> Hi,
> Last week I announced that I have started the
> development of a new type 4 JDBC talking to
> 3050 port directly.
> I like GPL/LGPL and I use them in all the free
> code I write. But due to some incompatibilities
> that could arise with Firebird/Interbase licensing
> (very unlikely due to I have started from scratch)
> I accept to release all my code (now only vaporware)
> under IPL.

Which licence it is doesn't matter too much, just as long as it is
"compatible". It's all opensource, and over time as we load in
different source/modules from everywhere we will probably have a bucket
load of different licences, including the recent 'Jim's opensource
licence'. So don't fret too much over choosing the wrong one :-).

Personally I support the GPL licence, but it's not appropriate for
libraries that are going to be distributed usually bound in with an
application. Pick one but it's probably best to say away from the IPL,
since Borland can change it at will.

All the (new) work I've done in Firebird has been released under a joint
MPL/GPLlicence, as the mozilla folk now have set up. I was loath to
create yet another licence but toyed with it at one stage. The boiler
plate for the one I've used is attached below.

I posted something to firebird-devel with html references for someone
else a couple of days ago + added LGPL and BSD boiler plates, and links
to some others, so they could choose which one they wanted. As I
understand it they are all compatible, including LGPL.



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