Subject Re: Interserver Win32 Development
Thanks Ken, I didn't realise. Would you post a copy of
interserver.exe built with -DTRACEON. I need this for comparison as I
asked in the original message:

>is it possible that someone compile interserver with VC++ 5 and post
>the .exe so that we can compare runtime results with bcc55 output

I haven't got the VC++ you see.


--- In IB-Java@y..., "Ken Richard" <kenr@a...> wrote:
> The flags were set in the bach file from the last email. Key
points are to
> set IC_SKIP_ISCONFIG=1 if you do not have delphi installed, set
> IC_PLATFORM=win32 and set IC_BUILD_DIR appropriatly. You must add
> interbase lib and include directories to the LIB and INCLUDE
> variables. You must set JAVAC=javac (and then have javac in your
path) and
> add BCC55\Bin to your path. Also make sure that vc09\bin is in
your path.
> Rename the make.exe from cygwin to something else to focrce the
system to
> use borland make.
> Prerequisites:
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> Thanks Ken,
> What are the setting for the flags?
> Fred
> --- In IB-Java@y..., "Ken Richard" <kenr@a...> wrote:
> > I use the one in the /interclient/20/dev/firebird folder. There
> are a few
> > flags that you have to set first. Hope it helps!
> >
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