Subject RE: [IB-Java] Re: Interserver Win32 Development
Author Ken Richard
The flags were set in the bach file from the last email. Key points are to
set IC_SKIP_ISCONFIG=1 if you do not have delphi installed, set
IC_PLATFORM=win32 and set IC_BUILD_DIR appropriatly. You must add you
interbase lib and include directories to the LIB and INCLUDE environment
variables. You must set JAVAC=javac (and then have javac in your path) and
add BCC55\Bin to your path. Also make sure that vc09\bin is in your path.
Rename the make.exe from cygwin to something else to focrce the system to
use borland make.


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Subject: [IB-Java] Re: Interserver Win32 Development

Thanks Ken,

What are the setting for the flags?


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> I use the one in the /interclient/20/dev/firebird folder. There
are a few
> flags that you have to set first. Hope it helps!

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