Subject Dying connections with interclient
Author Ola Samuelson
Tried them all ..............JDK's, operating systems, interclient kits.

This happens:
Connections are dying or getting stale after just a few minutes.
Netstat says WAIT on connection between java/interserver.

ConnectionPool is handling all of this but interserver is not returning
all memory used when closed so system is spiralling down.

Right now I am on:
glibc 2.1.3-22, jdk 1.2.2, IC201(borland) on a Linux RH 6.1 with
all updates applied(maybe that's the problem).

It's all lighting fast when connection is "fresh", suddenly it's
stale and it takes minutes to kill it/start a new since the stale
interserver is hanging around doing something to the system.

I do close the connections properly when I can but when they are
stale/dead -
I have no chance to close it properly - since it is already "closed".
I guess that is why Interserver is hangning around and terminating
when killed by operating system.

And yes, I have tried all "newer" kits in combination with
AND with jserv and in JSP implementation using tomcat 3.

To ensure correct connection pool functionality - I have tried 3
different pools
including dbconnectionbroker which may of you out there use.

Could this be a problem with a library or network setting?
If so, what lib and what setting? Kernel parameter?

All connects are made with remote machine. I have IPChains installed,
the rules does not seem to make a difference.