Subject Re: Dying connections with interclient
I think there was a confirmed bug relating to this on Firebird
Sourceforge site (Interbase shuts connection down without informing
Interserver). However, the Firebird Interclient 2.00 has been updated
extensively by David Jencks and can be compiled for Linux. There is a
new Ant build.xml that makes it easy to build the jar and the
Interserver executable. This version needs user feedback before
general release so why not try it.


--- In IB-Java@y..., Ola Samuelson <ola@d...> wrote:
> HI!
> Tried them all ..............JDK's, operating systems, interclient
> This happens:
> Connections are dying or getting stale after just a few minutes.
> Netstat says WAIT on connection between java/interserver.