Subject interbase/java on linux
Hello ppl,
im a developer and im planning to use firebird on an e-commerce-site to be. ill be developing the server-side applications with java under linux.

Would u guys suggest Firebird to be used in my project?

im a keen observer of Open Source Interbase. and in fact ive developed some web in house java applications using interbase 6 beta. im just concerned of the security and the stability. i think it is safe to assume that the only source i can get help/support is from the website. is there already any companies that offers commercial service like having a pre-package firebird (w/ support included)? who among u guys is actually alreay deployed applications on commercial websites using firebird? do u think its too early to use it on the enterprise? although my impression on Interbase 5, is already a mature database that can rival most of the "Industry Standard" db servers.

linux/java/firebird is the solution i think for my case since i dont have enough $$$$ to fund my business-to-be... yet. a minimum overhead cost is what im trying to achieve considering im risking my ass a lot for this project. im also considering to use resin as my servlet container. i apologize for having newbie questions because i am! :).

lastly, i would appreciate if u could give me sites for FireBird/Java resource sites. Thanks a lot in advance!

ps. pardon if this is not the right mailing list for my query(?)