Subject ResultSet.first() not supported?
Author davcamer
I've been writing a java application that queries a
firebird/IBPhoenix database through the interclient.jar drivers.

I'm getting the following exception:

interbase.interclient.DriverNotCapableException: [interclient]
Unsupported feature: Using a JDBC 2 method which is not yet supported.
See API reference for exception
at interbase.interclient.ResultSet.first(
at DbInterface.checkMessages(
at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(

Unfortunately I don't have the sources to
interbase.interclient.ResultSet, but the spec at
certainly gave me the impression that ResultSet.first() was
supported. Could some other misconfiguration be causing the error?

I have the Firebird Interclient 2.01 jdk 1.3 from
I have the FirebirdSS for linux 1.00RC1 from
I got the Firebird Interserver from the linux InterClient tar 2.01
jdk 1.3 from (yes, everything I have is from
I have the jdbc2_0-stdext.jar from on the host building
the application (but not on the host the server is running on...
maybe this is a problem?)

I think these are all the parts involved. CommDiag reports back a
healthy server; my client app is connection fine, but then this
exception is being thrown on the following lines:

ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM MESSAGE_WAIT");
if (rs.first() == false){

Any help would be much appreciated, and if the stdext.jar turns out
to be the problem I'll post a quick note back here.