Author rrokytskyy

> Since nobody answered my messages I don't know whether I was right
> and now everyone's expecting me to commit the changes (it's not so
> obvious to me: it would be the first time I actively participate in
> an OpenSource project and I don't know if I CAN make such commits
> without asking someone...), or I was wrong and everyone's expecting
> me to shut up ;)

I checked docs, and it seems that there must be 1 instead of 2 (2 is
BLR, and that's hardly LONGVARCHAR). The problem here is, that you,
probably, will not be able to commit changes to CVS if you don't have
named CVS account. Anonymous CVS acount is read-only.

I think I will commit this to the CVS, but, probably, this happens
only on weekend. So, I accept any objections till Saturday. :)

Best regards,