Subject Escaped syntax for CallableStatement: need your help/input
Author rrokytskyy
Hi again,

currently I am trying to implement the correct support of escaped
syntax in the callable statement. but, seems to me that the code i'm
trying to get work might be an overkill for the FB.

Escaped syntax of form {call proc_name(?, ?,...)} allows both IN and
OUT parameters in the call. Unfortunately, Firebird (and InterBase)
do allow only IN parameters in procedure call, OUT are represented by
the ResultSet. The consequence of this is, that escaped syntax
containing IN and OUT params cannot be prepared directly.

Since I don't have big experience with stored procedures throught
JDBC, I need your input, how IN and OUT params look there:

- first go IN, then OUT?
- mixed IN and OUT?
- can constant expression (not "?") be an OUT parameter?

Thanks in advance,
Roman Rokytskyy