Subject buffer size
Author llafranc78
Hi everybody!!!!

That's incredible!!! I was just starting to write that I had probably
found the place where my "slowing down" problem was (see some threads
above "client-java driver pretty slow"), when I updated GDS_Impl,
recompiled the whole and retried my app worked well!!!

So I checked the diffs, and found that the constant MAX_BUFFER_SIZE is
now 1024 while it was 8192 before, and that's exactly the point: the
place I found was in class org.jgds.XdrInputStream, method
readOpaque(int len), and it slowed down when len=8192 (to be more
precise, when GDS_Impl.receiveResponse(..) called
XdrInputStream.readBuffer() which called readOpaque(int len) )

So guys, many thanks, whether you did it on purpose or not :)


P.S: has anyone figured out a way to solved the blobs problem in
autocommit mode?