Subject Re: buffer size
Author alberolaarias

The buffer size is really problematic in GDS_Impl because
when we prepare a statement, Firebird send us the bind info
in a buffer of exactly MAX_BUFFER_SIZE. So, if the buffer is
too small and the statement is large (has many columns in the
projection), Firebird will need several packets with several
requests to send us that info, and the performance will be bad.
Here, a greater MAX_BUFFER_SIZE will improve the performance.
On the other hand if the statement is small, Firebird will
waste most of the packet and the performance will be bad.
Here a smaller MAX_BUFFER_SIZE will improve the performace.

The rule is that more complex statements need greater
buffer sizes and less complex ones need smaller buffer sizes.

Over slow links (WAN), greater buffer sizes improves the
performace a lot.

Perhaps, the buffer size had to be changed by the user to
fit his needs.

Alejandro Alberola