Subject JDBC Problems
Author Mike Arace
Hey everyone,

I tried posting this question to the main mailing-list before I knew about
this one. Sorry if you're getting it twice.

JDBC is giving me some serious headaches. I have interbase 6.0 (from the
borland site) intalled on Windows 2000 Professional. I assume all has
worked with that since it says the services have started for both interbase
and the guardian. I can indeed make databases and connect using IB Admin.
I also have tomcat 4.0 installed as a service, and it seems to serve up
webpages just fine, and compile JSPs.

Past this initial install, I'm not sure what to do to get IB to use java. I
have heard that I must install interserver and interclient, so I got version
2.00 for windows from this site:

It went through its little graphical installation thing and brought up the
little config application. When I attemped to change the root in that
application it seemed like it was looking for some license file. It did not
make itself a windows service, and I was not able to start the server from
the other tab. (the one that has the "lights" for Start, Pause, and Stop)
I had previously tried another version of interserver, I think it was the
firebird 2.01 version from that site, and it made itself a service, although
it gave an error whenever I tried to run it from the "services" screen in
windows. I was able to click "start" on the second tab in that
configuration app, and it said it was theoretically running, although the
JSPs still couldn't connect with it. Also, when I closed that interserver
config application and restarted it the server was now "stopped" again,
which leads me to believe that the application has no idea what it's talking

I know I've been all over the place with this. I guess my question is this:
could someone please tell me from beginning to end how to get this thing
working, or direct me to a site where I can find this information? I do not
mind reinstalling the whole server from scratch if it would get it working;
I'm trying to build a database driven application and it is pretty much at a
standstill until I have the "database" part figured out. I've looked for
documentation online for the better part of two weeks now, and only find
little bits and pieces all over the place.

Thanks a lot.


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