Subject Re: client-java driver pretty slow
Author Luca Lafranchi
Thank you for the advice...

I've looked into the Server Log, and guess what is logged when I
connect using the client-java?

JULIET (Server) Wed Nov 28 10:51:51 2001
INET/inet_error: read errno = 10054

So I'm now wondering if I am the one causing myself these problems by
providing the wrong url... This is the url:


Anything wrong with it?

I've also tried with "localhost" ("juliet" IS the localhost) or the IP
Adress instead of "juliet", but the result is the same.

BTW, I'm using Win200 Professional (Worksation)...


--- In IB-Java@y..., "Paulo Gaspar" <Paulo.Gaspar@k...> wrote:
> Still without understanding well both clients, it smells like a
> network issue.
> With Oracle I have been having similar time differences, with the
> same driver, just depending on how I build the JDBC URL (a server
> URL needs resolving and a server TCP/IP address does not), the
> network configuration, etc. (Always using a local DB.)
> High CPU time too is often associated with establishing a network
> connection.
> The only other thing I can remember that can put a lot of overhead
> is sending superfluous/invalid query parameterization to the server.
> But this are my very doubtful 2 cents - keep in mind that I am new
> to IB, Interclient and the client-java driver.
> Have fun,
> Paulo Gaspar