Subject client-java driver pretty slow
Author Luca Lafranchi
Hi everybody!!!

Fist of all I'd like to thank all developers involved in the
client-java driver :)

This morning I've updated and recompiled the sources.
My application only needs one connection (autocommit=true), but I too
must be able to connect to several db systems (Access, SQL Server
(using jdbc-odbc bridge), Oracle, Interbase OE, and last BUT NOT least
Firebird RC1), so I'm sticking to the Driver interface...

With the Firebird db I've tried the Firebird Interclient from
IBPhoenix and the client-java: the Interclient driver works properly,
and the client-java would also, if it weren't so slow... I don't get
any errors, but after some queries it slows down and becomes unusable...
OK, I'm not a great database designer/programmer: my queries are
pretty simple ("select ... from ... [where ... [and ...] [order
by...]]"), but the db isn't so big, and with the other drivers and db
systems there's no problem.
The driver is loaded as usual ( Class.forName(...);
DriverManager.getConnection(url,user,passwd);). As said I use only one
connection and one Statement.
Am I doing something wrong? I've also noticed that the driver outputs
every transaction start and end (so in my case every time I do a query
I get two outputs...and I do many queries ;) ): maybe that's why it's
slow? Is there a way to remove this outputting?

Thanks in advance for any advice :)