Subject Re: Status of Firebird interclient

I jast had a look at the Borland sourceforge interclient project. The
CVS tree is there, it contains the 1.6 with 2.0 placed over the top,
and is all dated about 5months ago.

I did a quick cvs rdiff and the changes are basically in sync with
those as released on the InterBase web site a while ago.and the last
changes were done at least 4 months ago.

Just though I'd get in first to tell you I was wrong ;-)



--- In IB-Java@y..., Mark O'Donohue <mark.odonohue@l...> wrote:
> Hi Ritchard
> The Borland interclient site
> is basically dead (correct me if Im wrong, but last time I checked the
> CVS tree still wasn't there). The latest code release was from an
> internal Borland tree.
[big snip]

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