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Author Terry Child
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From: Torsten Welches :

> 2. What do you consider "the 'official' version of interclient"?
> Currently there are two active CVS trees, Firebird's and Inprise's.
> For the time being only Inprise stuff is allowed to commit to the
> Inprise tree, while Firebird is open for everybody.

When you say firebird is open for everyone, there must still only be a core of
people with commit privileges. So the simple solution would be for the committer
groups to be merged, which would in turn lead to the sources being in sync, and
eventually so a single CVS and happier users. The spat between Firebird and
Inprise doesn't necessarily mean that interclient has to go the same way -
perhaps interclient is separate enough to pilot a merge of the two projects.
The joint set of committers could then elect a subset of themselves to argue
about who else should receive commit rights.


Terry Child