Subject AW: Interclient firebird commits and new Inrpise 2.0 changes
Author Mark O'Donohue

Hi Torsten

> Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2000 17:01:24 +0200
> From: Torsten Welches <torsten.welches@...>
> Subject: AW: Interclient firebird commits and new Inrpise 2.0 changes

> Did you note that Shaunak is using old development tools for it:
> JBuilder 3.0, Delphi2.0(!) ... weird

Hmm no, how CAN he use JBuilder 3.0, I just found it virtually imposible until
3.5 came out and even now I still need to run it under the IBM jdk to get some
speed (the sideeffect of a backspace generating "two" backspaces is something
I've almost learnt to live with). I hear 4.0 runs using the IBM jdk. Of course
now I have to wonder if I need to switch to Sun's netbeans ;-), but it's still
too slow for my liking.

> <<
> I don't want to cast anything on the people involved
> >>
> Of cause you are right. Shaunak was always willing to cooperate.
> Yes, obviously it's an Inprise thing.

It's a funny sort of silence thing, "abandonware" comes to mind, but it's nice
that Shaunak was talking.

> <<
> Yep sounds good point to work on.
> >>
> Should I just go ahead and delete the unnecessary files/folders or does
> sourceforge offer something for archiving?

Delete em, the CVS tree just puts them in the Attic directory.

On this do what you think best for the source. I've used CVS quite a lot, and
have put back together CVS trees that have been carted of to another country for
a year. So whatever happens here with the CVS trees I can't see it being a big
problem to merge the changes from one back into the other at a later date. I
think that will happen, but exactly when - who knows. Also until then we have a
public record of the stuff.

And some of the stuff like the obscureClasses stuff is now just crying out to be

Also a little trick for unix compiles (in case your not unixy - it also works
with cygwin32 bash shell for PC people).

javac -d ../classes `find . -name '*.java' -print`
(the outside quotes being backquotes and the inside ones being normal quotes).

Is a nice quick and cheap way to get all the java files in all subdirectories on
the command line.

Welcome back


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