Subject Re: Interclient firebird commits and new Inrpise 2.0 changes
Author Torsten Welches
> Hmm no, how CAN he use JBuilder 3.0, I just found it virtually
> imposible until 3.5 came out and even now I still need to run it
> under the IBM jdk to get some speed (the sideeffect of a backspace
> generating "two" backspaces is something I've almost learnt to live
> with). I hear 4.0 runs using the IBM jdk. Of course
> now I have to wonder if I need to switch to Sun's netbeans ;-), but
> it's still too slow for my liking.

I tend to disagree. 3.0 was frustrating sometimes but once I knew the
problems (and how to work-around them) it was ok.
3.5 is _much_ better and IMHO a very fine piece of software.
Here's how to get it run fast under Sun JDK, works fine for me (NT):,1410,22763,00.html

And here's a link that fixes the "two" backspace problem with IBM JDK:

AFAIK only the Linux versions will use the IBM JDK, Windows and
Solaris stay with Sun's, at least this is how I understand it.

JBuilder clearly blows away NetBeans. NetBeans is a dog, period.


> Is a nice quick and cheap way to get all the java files in all
> subdirectories on the command line.

Can you say this funny word again, please? "command line", hm, sounds
interesting, what is it anyway?