Subject Committed interclient changes at firebird
Author Mark O'Donohue

I've just committed Torstens changes to interclient java at
sourceforge. And also put in the two bug fixes he recommended.

Some quick notes for Torsten for when he gets back.

The javax.jar file in the package is the beta ejb one, you need to get
the 1.0 release. Which you should already have installed. I didn't put
it in the package becuase its huge now that it has all the tomcat
apache reference servlet engine and hopefully people will already have
java 2 enterprise edition iinstalled - it is free.

I had to fix some of the test classes in 1.6 interclient. In looking at
the code the test classes in the 1.6 directory were calling methods that
belonged to the 2.0 interclient version - Strange but true, also it's
interesting that there are test classes here.

There is a lot of extra stuff in the download, including the binary
"obscured" classes, which now that interclient is opensource, really
don't mattter and can be removed.

If your keen check it and and have a look, otherwise Id suggest wait
until Torsten gets back, and verifies what I've done.



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