Subject Re: Committed interclient changes at firebird
Author Torsten Welches
Hi all,

thanks to Mark for commiting "my" changes at firebird. Looks good.
Too bad that Inprise's and firebird's cvs tree synchronization is
still not resolved. Apparently the problem seems to be on Inprise's
part so I for one will consider firebird as "_the_
InterBase/InterClient cvs tree".
Everybody is very welcome to join us at

Shaunak or anybody else from Inprise who is monitoring this group:
What is the problem anyway? This situation is extremly bad for both
the product and the company that owns the product. Why can't we
finally find a sensible way of cooperation and start the real work,

So where to go from here?
The next step would probably be to do more clean-up work on both 1.6
and 2.0 to get rid of dead freight (delete/archive obfuscatedClasses,
coffee and crema), deprecated code and known bugs (apply changes to

The hell knows why but I am apparently finally able to read/write to
the firbird cvs tree so I will do the necessary commits as soon as I
understand the ins and outs of CVS good enough ;-)
Mark, be prepared for a couple of stupid questions about it... <g>


P.S. I still have no clue what to do about the (missing) test cases.
Any hope that we get them from Inprise? (are you there, Shaunak?)