Subject Re: [IB-Java] licensing the test suite? (was Re: Interclient bugs?)
Author Krzysztof Golko
Hi there,

> This is insane and not acceptable. I for one will
> quit my work if
> this is how it turns out. I am not going to ask
> somebody to do some
> testing for me without having the chance to do it
> myself either -
> step through the code and see what happens and so
> on.
> I don't mind somebody doing tests on code that I
> intend to contribute
> - fair enough. But I need to have a means to do the
> tests on my own
> before giving something out.

Although, Interbase is an open source project wouldn't
be illegal if Borland supported the development. All
in all Interbase is crucial for Borland's success,
without it Jbuilder and Kylix are much less
attractive, so Borland should rather stop behaving
like a 'big corporation'.


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