Subject RE: [IB-Java] licensing the test suite? (was Re: Interclient bugs?)
Author J.T. Wenting
that's what I read. Inprise wants the testquite licensed to companies only
(so probably at some high price) to ensure the future of companies working
to develop Interbase solutions. Someone obviously hasn't quite thought
through what this means for independent developers (let alone the Interbase
maintainers who (thanks in part to Inprise) are no longer a company).
This does mean that the Interclient developers would have to submit every
build to some company (that would of course charge for testing as they have
to get back their own investment in the testsuite) to get the build
officially sanctioned. This can easily lead to a break, with unofficial
drivers being released next to, or instead of, the official ones.

Jeroen T. Wenting

Murphy was wrong, things that can't go wrong will anyway

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> Subject: [IB-Java] licensing the test suite? (was Re: Interclient bugs?)
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> > > Honestly I can't understand why
> > > Inprise not simply releases them to the public. Can you tell us
> why?
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> > Well, I am not the one you adressed.
> > However, I leave it to you to judge whether
> > you would consider the quotes below
> > to be a valid answer to your question...
> The licensing model would mean that I as an independent contributor
> wouldn't be allowed to use the test suite, right?
> So I had to obtain a licence for the test suite in order to do
> (unpaid I might add) _open source_ development???
> This is insane and not acceptable. I for one will quit my work if
> this is how it turns out. I am not going to ask somebody to do some
> testing for me without having the chance to do it myself either -
> step through the code and see what happens and so on.
> I don't mind somebody doing tests on code that I intend to contribute
> - fair enough. But I need to have a means to do the tests on my own
> before giving something out.
> Torsten
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