Author Terry Child
Hi All,

I've been using interclient.jar together with the Castor O/R mapping tool
( within the JBoss2 J2EE server (
The way Castor works at the moment is that it makes calls to
even after it has previously returned false - which causes interclient to throw
an exception ICJ09. I have a couple of questions that I'd be grateful if someone
could try to answer:

1. Does interclient's behavior conform to the JDBC spec with regards to repeated
calls to I've looked at the Javadocs but it's ambiguous as to
what happens. Other JDBC drivers seem to return false again.

2. A slight less technical question. Who 'owns' interclient and what is the
preferred way of communicating with active developers? By owns I don't mean
legally but in the sense of where does the definitive verion of the source live?
I know this is a highly political question at the moment, but there are
currently two sources for the source code i.e. a zipped file from Inprise at and a CVS from Mers. If I come up with a bug fix who applies
it and where does it end up?

If anyone wants to answer my first question without addressing the second that
would be a great help. For now I've downloaded the interclient1.6 sources from
the CVS at and built a new interclient.jar which returns false
instead of throwing the ICJ09 exception.


Terry Child