Subject Re: [Firebird-general] UDF security question.
Author Woody
I was just about to send this message when I received a reply from Sean.
Thanks for the advice Sean, since it seems to line up with exactly what I
came up with. The following is what I was typing as I got your message:

Well, no comments for a day which means that either no one has run across
this issue, it's so simple you are all just laughing at me for just asking
about it, or I didn't state my predicament well enough. :)

Anyway, the silence gave me time to reflect on the problem, and go back and
read the manuals and I think I came up with the solution I need. I'll run it
down in case I'm wrong or someone else is wondering the same thing.

My idea is to create a firebird user account on the server. I can then
modify the firebird service to log on using this user account. Then, I will
create the shared directory on the NAS drive and only allow access to it
through the firebird user. That way, when the UDF call is made, it should
use the firebird user to access the NAS share to do the file work.