Subject UDF security question.
Author Woody
I am writing a set of UDF routines for a client which will be used to save and retrieve files associated with orders stored in a firebird db. The db resides on a network server (Windows 2008 R2) and the files will need to be stored on a NAS drive. I've got the routines working fine in my own environment but my concerns are what security issues I will face when trying to save and load files from the DB server to/from the NAS. The location of the files does not need to be shared on the network since no one needs direct access. They are limited to accessing the files only through the current database program.

Does anyone know what "user" the UDF would use when trying to access the NAS location storage, if any? Any information regarding this would be helpful since this will be my first foray into storing files on a different server from where the database resides.


Woody (TMW)

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