Subject RE: [Firebird-general] UDF security question.
Author Leyne, Sean

> Does anyone know what "user" the UDF would use when trying to access
> the NAS location storage, if any?

I will answer in a Window context (I don't know *nix)

Since a UDF is a DLL, the UDF would acquire the user credentials of the hosting Firebird service.

The "user" which is typically used for standard installs is the "Local System" account, which has limited/no rights to external resources.

What you can do, is to assign specific user credentials to the Firebird service, once installed. Then as long as the NAS support CIFS shares and/or Active Directory integration, the UDF would be able to address the NAS resource. I doubt that the UDF would be able to access NFS resources, since it would not be able to password appropriate credentials (though I have never tried to)


P.S. This is really a support issue, as such it should be discussed on the Support mailing list ('')