Subject FYI: Firebird Web/Tracker may be unavailable on Wednesday January 12th
Author Leyne, Sean

The company hosting the Firebird servers is migrating to a higher speed net connection, which will require a change to the IP addresses. This means that the addresses of the Firebird servers will also be changing.

TTL (Timeout) for the public DNS entries has already been reduce to 4 hours (the minimum that our DNS host supports), so that the new IPs can be distributed as fast as possible once the changeover has been made. However, depending on the exact path that DNS requests from your system might follow, in the worst case, it may take up to 8 hours for the IP change to distribute throughout the internet.

So the servers may be "unavailable/offline" due to inherent delay in the "rollout" of the DNS IP changes or delays/time required to complete the connection migration.


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