Subject Re: [Firebird-general] pro&contra
Author marius adrian popa
On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 10:17 PM, Geoff
Worboys<geoff@...> wrote:
> Hi Anderson,
> Thank you very much for posting that information, it made for
> very interesting reading.
> It is interesting to read about having decrypt permission
> rights for encrypted columns... and trying to work out just how
> this makes it any more secure than blocking read in the various
> ways that have always (or so it seems) been available.  I am
> not really certain just how this feature is useful.
> I was pleased to see that they did not make extravagant claims
> for SEP encryption feature ("can make it more difficult").  IB
> has an advantage over FB in the fact that it is closed source;
> any flaws in its implementation are less easily discovered and
> it is more difficult to make a trojan version of the server.
> Given some of the requests seen on fb-support I can imagine
> people using the feature without understanding the details...
> ending up without effective protection but feeling safe because
> they are using encryption.  I guess that that is their problem
> and not IB's.

Anyone tested Red Database from the security point of view ?
I wonder when we will see the patches back , At the 2008 conference i
asked Dimitry Yemanov

about it and if they are contributing back
It would be nice to see what they have . Maybe is needed for the
marketing checkboxes so we can say yes we have basic encryption for
data and indexes

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