Subject Re: [Firebird-general] pro&contra
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi Anderson,

Thank you very much for posting that information, it made for
very interesting reading.

It is interesting to read about having decrypt permission
rights for encrypted columns... and trying to work out just how
this makes it any more secure than blocking read in the various
ways that have always (or so it seems) been available. I am
not really certain just how this feature is useful.

I was pleased to see that they did not make extravagant claims
for SEP encryption feature ("can make it more difficult"). IB
has an advantage over FB in the fact that it is closed source;
any flaws in its implementation are less easily discovered and
it is more difficult to make a trojan version of the server.

Given some of the requests seen on fb-support I can imagine
people using the feature without understanding the details...
ending up without effective protection but feeling safe because
they are using encryption. I guess that that is their problem
and not IB's.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing