Subject Re: [Firebird-general] pro&contra
Author Milan Babuskov
Aage Johansen wrote:
> At work, some are advocating a migration from Firebird to Sybase (yeech!).
> Could someone here provide a list of arguments for not migrating?

If they really want to use that technology, they would be much better of
taking Microsoft SQL Server instead. Microsoft took Sybase code back in
90's and made a good product out of it. Sybase is a dead end, it will
probably be gone as soon as all the old applications using it become
obsolete. I haven't heard of a new project using Sybase in years.

Therefore, the main point is that 5 years from now it will be very hard
to find a developer competent with Sybase. Maybe those advocating Sybase
are really looking for job security here? ;)

All, IMHO, of course.

Milan Babuskov

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