Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Oracle buys Sun
Author Dimitry Sibiryakov
> Even if MySQL has a good money income
> by support contracts and license sells, what prevents Oracle to slowdown
> it's development, or even get it of the market ? What would happen to
> the thousands (millions ?) projects that relies on MySQL ? Would some
> (even if a small percent) of that projects migrate to Oracle because
> Oracle has a clean path from MySQL RDBMS to Oracle RDBMS ? Would some
> (the majority) of the projects that relies on MySQL look to free
> alternatives (Postgres and Firebird for example) ?

I'll answer to all these questions with one word: RDB. Remember it?
How many years ago Oracle bought it? Where is RDB now? Right, it is
still available under brand RDB:Oracle. As well MySQL will be.
Perhaps, because MySQL exists under GPL it can follow Firebird's way
- someone will create branch from the latest available sources.
But this way or that I wouldn't expect noticeable wave of migration
from MySQL to Firebird. They have very different niches.