Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Oracle buys Sun
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Dimitry Sibiryakov wrote:
>> Anyone care to share insights on what will happen to MySql and
>> especially how this will affect Firebird?
> I'd say that nobody here cares about destiny of MySQL or depends on
> Sun. How all this can affect Firebird?
> SY, SD.

Really ?

I think there is important business side effects because of this, mainly
to companies that rely on FB to make money (like IBP), so I think you
should care about this. Opportunities come and go, but usually the
people just see it when it has gone.

As anyone knows Oracle's is the biggest player on RDBMS market, had
acquired the company who developed InnoDB MySQL engine, MySQL to stay
free from Oracle decisions started his own engine, Falcon, so if to
MySQL was an important thing the acquisition of InnoDB by Oracle, I
think that to MySQL users a much more important fact is that Oracle now
owns MySQL (and his attempt to create a engine that is completely "free"
from any other company decision). Even if MySQL has a good money income
by support contracts and license sells, what prevents Oracle to slowdown
it's development, or even get it of the market ? What would happen to
the thousands (millions ?) projects that relies on MySQL ? Would some
(even if a small percent) of that projects migrate to Oracle because
Oracle has a clean path from MySQL RDBMS to Oracle RDBMS ? Would some
(the majority) of the projects that relies on MySQL look to free
alternatives (Postgres and Firebird for example) ? How could Firebird
attract some of those projects ? How could that user abse growth be
benefit to Firebird Project ? How could companies that make money
selling Firebird tools and services attract some of thos new users to
sell the services ?

Well, I think it's good to Firebird, because we have a truly open source
product, feature rich, stable, light on resource needs and with very
easy administration. The people that are choosing a DBMS to be used for
the next 10 years or so would think twice to rely on an open source DBMS
owned by a company that has a direct competitor that is closed source
and a very good source of money, at least I think that way.

IMHO the major drawback to FB get a share from MySQL user base would be
the ISP market, FB centralized user management is not good for this

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
THOR Software e Comercial Ltda
Santo Andre - Sao Paulo - Brazil

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