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> Maybe it's because I'm very tired (it's 7 in the morning=20
> and I haven't gone to bed yet!),

Same here.

> I would be extremely and eternally grateful if somebody
> could point me to the correct syntax for what I=20
> want to do.

First, you should send this to firebird-support instead.

> SQL> connect ./Bridge.fdb -u 'SYSDBA' -p 'paul';
> Command error: connect ./Bridge.fdb -u 'SYSDBA' -p 'paul'

The reason is that you are confusing isql's command line parsing with =
engine's more strict parsing. When you do
isql ./Bridge.fdb -u SYSDBA -p paul
it's isql that understands abbreviations for parameters names: u for =
and p for password. The hyphen denotes typical parameters for programs =
receive arguments. Then isql assembles the connection call for you.

When you do inside isql
connect ./Bridge.fdb -u SYSDBA -p paul;
isql is sending your command almost unchanged to the server itself to be
parsed. The server does not understand abbreviations neither options
preceded by hyphens. You should follow the server's syntax for the =
command and type
connect ./Bridge.fdb user 'SYSDBA' password 'paul';

That's all.

If someone wants to continue this idea, please post to firebird-support, =