Subject Nov/Dec 2009 Open Source Database Magazine Released!
Author Keith Murphy
Exciting news!

The next issue of Open Source Database Magazine (
is now available. This information-packed issue has over 60 pages of
information including:

* Firebird’s Road Trip and What’s New with 2.5
* Coding Corner: Trees – Where’s the Performance?
* PostgreSQL’s tsvector: Secret Sauce for Search Engines
* The Lab: The XtraBackup Program for MySQL – Part Two
* Drizzle – A Lightweight Database for the Web
* Kontrollbase: Enterprise grade MySQL monitoring and analytics
* Creating a Twitter Mashup with MongoDB
* Introducing LucidDB

Plus the usual news and views. All of this for $4.95. It is simply the
biggest and the best issue we have ever released. Ready to sign up? Head
over to to register and then you can
download the new issue. Curious as to what this is all about? I just
posted an online addendum to the Drizzle article in our free content
section ( that will give you a taste of
what you can expect.

Thanks to the contributors. You all did a great job and I appreciate it!

Sorry the website isn’t currently as polished as the magazine. While it
doesn’t look pretty, it is functioning. And now that the magazine is out I
can turn my attention to it again. If you experience any problems let me
know at editor AT



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