Subject Two Firebird days in Germany - Erlanger Firebird Tag - eFBT
Author Björn Reimer

For German language please have a look at our DBA Blog:

to shorten the time to the next firebird conference there will be a
small firebird day in Germany, Erlangen at the RRZE
( (local computing center of the university
Erlangen-Nürnberg) from 8th to 9th May 2009.

We'll start at Friday morning and end at Saturday evening.
There might be a pre day presentation for sponsors on 7 May.

The main track will be in German but it's also possible to have some
English talks as the once of Dimitry and Vlad for example and
international after track meetings.

-= Today I'm looking for sponsors and speakers =-

If you have been thinking about being a conference sponsor, NOW is
the time to act.
Please contact bjoern.reimer@... as soon as possible. :-)

If you have a idea for a session, feel free to contact us at
dba@... and include the language, a title, a profile of you, and
an abstract and if possible a picture. Your talk should have
something to do with firebird. Deadline will be 31 January 2009.

An "official" webpage with timetable and more detailed informations
will be published in the next weeks.

If you want to take part as attendee please block these days! ;-)

Please feel free to spread this information on all firebird and
database channels! Thank you!

Björn Reimer - RRZE