Subject Re: Make a wiki and centralize all info about firebird there
Author woodsmailbox
> You're joking, right? Did you actually try to convert any open
> web application from MySQL to Firebird?
> It's not about what's it written in, but who wrote it and how. If
> did not bother to use standard SQL because MySQL has all those nifty
> shortcut-type-of features, you could have a really hard time.

Are you refering to a specific engine, or how did you come to such
conclusions? What code base? What SQL features?

Wikka is clean enough to port it to fb in a few hours (it's 7 myisam
tables and only standard SQL queries, no mysql features whatsoever,
not that there are any in myisam anyway). Takes 2 days to make it db
agnostic. I've extended it in many ways over the years and it's very
very easy.