Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Make a wiki and centralize all info about firebird there
Author Kurt Federspiel
Well, unlike most people with a busy life, an attention deficit or simply scattered, I have followed the thread, and I find the idea of a wiki to be a good one. The fact that many of "you" who are "actively participating" haven't dropped whatever else you are doing to pick it up does not invalidate the idea. Having busy people be more busy makes them cranky and unwilling (more likely the reason no one "actively participating" is jumping on board); perhaps recruiting a few "new" faces instead making it a political infight between the "actively participating" would move the project along.

I suspect that there are people who would be willing to devote some (perhaps only a little) attention to a wiki, given some direction. I have asked for help on the forum/groups, and given back when possible from what I have learned. I don't have a LOT of time (in fact I have very little), but our company is making some (not great) money using Firebird, and I would be happy to give back something, other than just responses to emails of others falling down on the same things that tripped me.

I would be happy to magically provide a few hours a week to help someone else out, but I do not have time to manage, or design anything right now.

Apparently, I'm too late...

From: Doug Chamberlin <dougchamberlin@...>
Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2009 6:26:27 PM
Subject: Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Make a wiki and centralize all info about firebird there

The one problem I see that has not been adequately addressed is this:

Everyone actively participating in the project is already doing what
they have chosen to do. They are invested in the contributions they are
already making. Since I don't hear anyone enthusiastically dropping
their work to contribute to a central wiki, or diverting their efforts
toward contributions to one, I don't think you have been persuasive
enough in your cause. That's the political work I think that still needs

The current conversation is a beginning. But only a small beginning.

Since this discussion has gone on for a while, I would suggest you
review the previous discussion and summarize it. Include the positives
of the idea. Address each negative that has been mentioned on a point by
point basis. Then describe a plan for establishing the wiki. The plan
should include what effort/role you would play in establishing the wiki
and what is needed by others. It should also include what would be
required to maintain it.

In short, make an organized case for it. If it sounds well thought out
and is thorough enough, maybe then people will buy into it.

Remember that people's attention is scattered. They are busy,
distracted, and invested elsewhere. Following a long, drawn out
conversation like this is tough. If it gets too tough, people will stop
following along. Since you are the one trying to make a case, you have
to do the bulk of the work. Asking people to work extra to understand
what you are saying is asking a lot. (No, I'm not going to go back a
re-read everything. I'm just going to give you my suggestions as I see
them right now.)

I recognize that what I'm saying may sound annoying and/or condescending
but I don't mean it that way at all. I think you have a great idea but,
as I said above, I don't think it has been presented as well as it could
be nor as well as it needs to be in order to get the support it needs to
be successful.

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