Subject Re: Make a wiki and centralize all info about firebird there
Author woodsmailbox
> Everyone actively participating in the project is already doing what
> they have chosen to do.

That's a misleading statement, implying that everyone is already doing
what they'd *wish* to do or using the tools they'd like to use, which
is certainly not true. But it's hard to count those who's choice was
not to do anything at all because of that, isn't it?

> Asking people to work extra to understand
> what you are saying is asking a lot. (No, I'm not going to go back a
> re-read everything. I'm just going to give you my suggestions as I
> them right now.)

You've just proved one of my points with this one. You're not going to
read everything because there's an enormous amount of noise in a
mailing list or a forum, like this one-on-one conversation that is of
no value to the community, that ironically, will waste many people's
time from now on.

Should putting up a website to present the idea will make you read it
and maybe even debate it, well, you got yourself a wiki.

So is not the asking people to understand a certain topic that is the
problem, but asking them to understand it in this totally inefficient
manner that is the real problem.

To conclude, in the absence of much interest in the topic, and because
those of you to whom I've answered had not bothered to reply back, I
see little value in pursuing this further. So I say RIP to the thread.