Subject Best Linux distribution for Firebird
Author rudi_josic
Hi all and excuse my english.

I want to change my DB (firebird) server (windows to linux), but there
are many different linux distributions. I would like to know what
linux distribution you recommend to install a firebird BD server.

I tried debian (etch) but, i got bad performance (windows was 20 times
faster) both servers : PIII 1Ghz, 512MB RAM, 250GB HD, 10/100 ETH,
Firebird 1.5.3, on the same network.

Debian server was 2 days since install and just running firebird for
the test; and windows server about 2 years running and have 3 firebird
1.5 DB working (serving about 35 connected clients during the test)

i've always heard about high performance of firebird server over
linux, maybe a did something wrong installing my linux server. or, are
there some config ticks to speed up firebird over linux? or, i choose
the wrong distribution of linux to instal a firebird server.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.